From Grade 4 up to Grade 1, with Grade 1 the highest. Above Grade 1, there are Technical test, and even higher Crown tests, but these 2 tests are not organized here. For detail of each test, please refer to the web site of the Ski Association of Japan. 

SIA’s International Test is evaluated based on international standards. From the easiest Semi Bronze up to the highest level of Super Gold meal, different types of runs and skill levels are to be tested, in ski as well as in snowboard. For more details on these tests, please refer to 検定・認定 page of the SIA official site.

■We organize BADGE TESTs, which are technical tests and are called as such because successful candidates can obtain badges as proof of skill level. Badge tests are conducted for 3 ski / snowboarding associations.

■Badge tests are for SAJ (Ski Association of Japan), SIA (Ski Instructors’ Association of Japan), and JSBA (Japan Snowboard Association).

■Before taking tests, please take a minimum 1 hour private training lesson with specific focus on tests. Group lessons do not provide training for badge tests. 

※For booking, please contact us at latest the day before the test date, either by fax or e-mail. Wearing helmets is mandatory. Lift ticket is not included in the exam fees.

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