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Ski and Snowboard Coaching Staff

All our ski/snowboard lessons are conducted by an impressive lineup of certified instructors recognized by the following domestic and/or overseas organizations:

Professional Ski Instructors Association of Japan (SIA)

SIA Principal : Shun Nishikawa《SIA/Ⅳ CSIA/Ⅲ ISIA member/SIA Hokkaido Branch Officer》

Ski Association of Japan (SAJ)

SAJ Principal : Kazuya Uraguchi《SAJ instructor, A-level examiner, block technician》

Japan Snowboarding Association (JSBA)

JSBA Principal : Shinji Kaminaga《JSBA-B Class Examiner, SIA Examiner》

Canada Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA)


Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI)


Federazione Italiana Sport Invernali (FISI)


International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA)


Among our instructors of diverse backgrounds and specializations there are English- and Chinese-speaking coaching staff who can meet different communication needs.

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