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Niseko Annupuri Ski & Snowboard School was founded by Takashi Miyata in 1988. Over more than 30 years of operation, we have seen many changes in Niseko and also how the novel, devastating Covid-19 pandemic has upset the tourism industry throughout the area. We are one of the few ski schools in Niseko that still persevere during such an unprecedented crisis.


In recent years, there have been many skiers/snowboarders arriving from around the world in search of powder snow, for which Niseko is widely known. At the same time, there is an increasing number of overseas instructors on working holiday visas with neither qualification nor experience. We, however, are different in that our seasoned coaching staff, who truly know Niseko in and out, are capable of offering quality and professional instruction with patience and at a reasonable cost.

Niseko Annupuri Ski & Snowboard School


Representative Director

宮田 隆史 Takashi MIYATA

Born in 1951 in Otaru (a seaport city about one and a half hours of drive from Niseko), Mr. Miyata founded Niseko Annupuri Ski & Snowboard School in 1988. He is recognized for his achievements as a Demonstrator representing Japan at Interski in 1979 and in 1983, as a member of the Japan national team at ISIA Ski Instructor Championships in 1980 and in 1982, and as an Italian national ski instructor in 1976. He also served as a director and the vice-president on the board of SIA.


西川 駿 Shun  NISHIKAWA


■SIA Hokkaido Branch  Board Member


見谷  昌禎 Masayoshi MITANI

Mr. Mitani was a member of the Japan national team at 1960 Squaw Valley Winter Olympics and was a coach of the Japan national team at 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics. He has written a number of books on skiing.

Supporting Companies

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